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Drosera Project

Like Noah with his ark rescued life of the Earth (as it’s written in the Old Testament), also we would like, at least a little bit, to assist the preservation of genetic material of our wonderful carnivorous plants. The Flood is nowadays changed into the biggest loss of geologic history. Conservative estimates mention that each day die out 74 species. So we decided to embark on our imaginary Noah’s ark, now with the name of LABFLYTRAP on his back, carnivorous plants of the genus Drosera. Maybe in the future our joint effort will rescue lot of species. If you help in the development of our genetic bank, lot of collectors will be grateful for this act, but mainly chances of preservation of given species will be bigger. The aim of the Project Drosera is to create in vitro bank of all the kinds of genus Drosera. We call upon the collectors of these beautiful plants to cooperate in this project. Starting material could be seeds or at least two plants of one species.
The progressive development and cultivation will be photographed and placed in the photo gallery after the succesful installation of plant into the culture. Then if you desire, you will be named as a source and cooperator by the given plant.

Become a part of a project.
If your hobby is cultivation in vitro and if you undertake to cooperate then it is possible to give you information which of the species(kinds) or kultivars you have in a culture. You will be listed as a contributor

with a contact reference ( e-mail or website). You will inform us about any changes in cultures and we will immediatelly fix changes which have occured. So you will become a part of this project.

 Orientation in the table:

  Yellow colour means that the given plant is in the stage of germination or transformation from tissue.
  Orange colour means that the transformation into the in vitro culture was successful.
  The blue colour means that the plant is held in a cultivation by an external contributor.
  Red colour is means that the plant is enough stabilised in the genetic bank.
  Green colour is open for material entry into the bank

You can send seeds or plant material which is marked with green colour in the table after email communication at the address of responsible manager of the Drosera project.
Jan Kouba, Rezlerova 306, Petrovice, 109 00 Praha 10, Czech Republic

Drosera Project - in vitro bank