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We work at micropropagation of carnivorous plants using in vitro techniques.  Today we have over 170 types of carnivorous plants in sterile culture in different phases of testing. Micropropagation of plants in vitro is one of the modern biotechnologies that derive from the latest knowledge of vegetable physiology. The basic principles and procedures are described in the separate part IN VITRO CULTURE. Compared to the plants that are propagated by classic methods (seeding amount seeds or cut plants), plants propagated in vitro have many advantages. By careful selection and propagation of healthy and viable lines it is possible to produce a young plantation which gives healthy propagation material for next cultivation. Necessity of keeping aseptic environment decreases partly the economy of laboratory propagation as it requires fairly high investment into appropriate technical equipment. Energy intensity of the operation is also indispensable and so is high elaborateness and expertness. On the other hand high efficiency of these technologies reliably outweighs the mentioned problems.
The photo-gallery of the plants divided into two sections (in vitro laboratory cultivation and from the plants acclimated, grown in different stage of growth) will be gradually complemented concurrently with expansion of the offer.